Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweat Pants and other Romantic Items

Right now I feel like this song by the Talking Heads:

"How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!" Part of me is shocked by how nice J is and that I'm not sure if he is being serious. The other part of me is just shocked by the sudden change of relationship status. All of the sudden I find myself in a "relationship." Ummm....what?! Ya, once again, I don't really want a boyfriend. No reason really except that I just broke up with someone in January and I just don't feel like relationship hopping. Although there is something untrue about that statement since I was ACTIVELY searching for someone to date. So basically, I'm a weirdo, and no matter what, will never be happy with my life circumstances. Sweet.

Anyway, things between J and I have been great. He is really, very sweet! He is super attentive which is great for me because I LOVE attention. He is very easy going, funny, smart and actually fun to hang around with. We laugh at the same stupid jokes and what's even more nice is that he likes the same tv shows, being lazy and drinking at my house!!! And he's smart....really smart, and motivated and has a good career and is extremely supportive of mine! So basically its been awesome. I just think that what I need to do is make sure I get enough alone time so I don't end up hating him and being a total bitch. I usually say yes to hanging out when deep inside I'm feeling more like a no. Not sure why I do that. Then I start acting bitchy and super passive aggressive and then my bf is confused over my sudden bizarre change of behavior. Pretty much not the way to act at all unless you want someone to hate you in a couple of months.

So here is what wonder boy J did for me yesterday. I was gone on a business trip for 6 days. When I got back I came into my apartment to find a bouquet of roses, a sweet card, and a pair of my favorite sweat pants from Victoria's Secret. He missed me and wanted to have something sweet and something comfy for me to come home to. How nice is that? Its actually really thoughtful. Like who encourages their girlfriend to wear sweat pants???? Bananas. He is so nice that I'm not even sure what to think of him yet. I'm pretty sure that the minute I start to REALLY like him that asshole Ashton Kutcher is gonna pop out and tell me I'm being "Punked." I've never had someone be this nice to after only dating for 4 weeks.... or ever really. He is extremely thoughtful. I'm not someone who needs gifts or anything, but dang, he picks really nice gifts. His gifts are all about my comfort. So far I've received two bouquets, Chinese takeout and sweat pants. This is porn for girls. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I'm really enjoying my time with him.


  1. I love talking heads! :) yay! So glad yoy are having funsies!! Thats so cute! Takeout and sweats? Yyyyeahh! :)

    Does he have a key to your apartment already though? How did those gifts get in there?

    Careful with those boundaries! I do the same thing, not expressing my needs and then getting resentful. I guess Im afraid all the attention will stop if Insay nope I wanna be alone. I sure woukd know its the right guybif I said I wanted to be alone and he was cool with it in a non guilty pouty way, and its a really good sign if he has hisnown hobbies and doesnt want to spend all his time together, for me. I guess the important tging is not how he makes you feel but how he makes you feek about yourself. Sounds like you are happy and thats great!

    Can he cook? Have you cooked anything delicious lately? I kbiw youve been traveling like me a lot lately. I miss home cooked meals, although I dont miss doing the dishes! ;)

  2. Omg im typing with my fat sausage fingers on my ipad so sorry about all the typos haha!

    1. He had a loner key for this last trip because he forgot some of his stuff at my apartment. He no longer has the key because I don't want him to have it so soon.

      I guess I keep saying yes because I think it would be fun, but then I'm tired and cranky when I get home and feel bad canceling. I just need to say no more even if I feel like seeing him, just as a safeguard!

  3. did all those gifts get in there!

  4. Well I think it is exciting!! Have fun with it! I was just being old and dumb. Have tons of fun and be happy and go to fun places and wear amazing outfits and eat amazing food and take pics of the places you see and share them here :)