Friday, September 25, 2009

Tongue on Tongue Action!

So on my quest to being a bonifide foodie, I decided it was my duty to start experimenting with eating weird meats. The best way to do this is with tacos. Mexicans can make a shoe taste great. Anyway, I have built up a pretty serious relationship with Salvador, the owner of El Buen Gusto and he keeps calling me an honorary Mexican, which is a huge compliment for me. He says for me to truly leave my Gringo past, I need to eat what he calls "the good stuff." He told me awhile ago that tongue was the easiest to eat and most people like it. So on my lunch break yesterday, Megan and I went to El Buen Gusto and I ordered 2 fish tacos (the old stand by) and one taco de lengua. Before I get into the tongue, let me just tell you that Buen Gusto has THE BEST fish tacos of all time. Its deep fried tilapia on two corn tortillas with tomatoes and lettuce and a blob of fresh sour cream. I always smother it in their amazing avocado and serrano salsa. Its a hug for your mouth. It seriously doesn't get any better than that. I'm going to be bold enough to say that I could eat those tacos everyday for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. Its just that good. Moving on...

So tongue really isn't bad! Its just the mental part that's hard to get over. I don't know why it was so tough for me. I eat chicken hearts and beef liver. Whats the big deal? Tongue is just creepy I guess....and cows don't brush their teeth so its also a little gross. It didn't taste bad and it didn't even look weird, but it was just difficult to eat. It looks just like fatty stewed beef. It tasted like pot roast with a hint of venison. Megan even tried a bit and she didn't think it was bad either. As for eating it again, I think I'm gonna pass. It just wasn't that good and I'm curious about eating the other "good stuff." One of the guys in the restaurant recommended to have their chitlins taco. I'm probably gonna try that next. It sounded really good. Its crispy fried chicken innards. I can see that being more my style.


  1. My friend Jose gave me a tongue taco for the first time. Told me to eat it first, then he would tell me what it was. Pretty obvious something was up. I would've eaten it either way. I agree with you though, it's good, but nothing amazing.

  2. So many years ago when Crabs and I were tired & super hungry from hours of running around playing soccer. Our friend took us to a b-day party and were given tacos. I guess we both thought they were regular carne asada tacos. We took a bit and noticed something different about the meat. We asked what it was and when we heard "lengua" we both looked at each other and almost vomited... it didn't taste bad, but just knowing we ate cow tongue was enough. It's a mental game!!!

  3. Dang. Somehow I didn't post my comment properly. Anyway, it's too long to type out again but I just wanted to say: keep blogging about all the food. Don't they serve brains at El Buen Gusto?