Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menudo: The soup, not the band.

Now this entry is going to make a lot of people mad. I just know it will. But it is my duty to write what I think and bash anything I deem worthy of bashing. So here it goes.

It kinda hurts me inside to say this but, I do not like menudo. Its gross. I really wanted to like it. I thought it seemed like one of those dishes that taste pretty damn good, but to my white friends, I would look like a bad ass for eating it. I wanted to bask in the glory of eating offal and liking it. I wanted to be Mexican for a day and get the thumbs up when I ordered it. I wanted it all!

But alas, not all dreams come true. Menudo is just gross. That is the best word for it. The broth is kinda greasy and the tripe serves no purpose except for stinking up the soup. Tripe is a gelatinous blob that smells like burnt skin. And trust me, I know what burnt skin smells like after cooking a Mexican taco recipe and having a problem translating ingredients. I ended up simmering chicharones (fried pork skin) for over an hour instead of chicharone (pork belly). Not good. Anyway, the broth isn’t too bad. Its super spicy and has a ton of Mexican oregano which gives it an herby earthy taste. The worst part is the tripe. It tastes like musty meat with the consistency of congealed fat. It just isn’t good. I rather eat a thousand cow tongues. Sorry guys, not trying it again.


  1. Oh come on! Ricky Martin got his training then! And look what "She Bangs" brought to the music industy.

  2. i agree. tried it today, didn't know what i was ordering, thought it was called "mexican gumbo" and ended up looking down a tall bowl of red stuff with chunky bits of stinky tripe. soup is okay. but, tripe has a strong scent. if i had a ladle, i would take all the tripe out so i wouldn't have to look at it, or smell it.

  3. omg this shit is so disgusting!!!! eww tripe nASTY. i live with mexicans and they love this shit. i dont see how anyone could eat it. makes me want to puke :/

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