Monday, January 4, 2010

Some SERIOUS Baklava

So I just love Baklava. I discovered I liked it because of Trader Joe’s. Yup, my first piece was from TJs. I know that’s not very “cool” or “foodie” of me but it is what it is (that has to be the worst saying ever). Anyway, soon after eating my first Baklava, I started buying it everywhere I could just to try it out. I discovered I like the Mediterranean version with walnuts and hazelnuts more than the middle eastern version with pistachios. But honestly, its all delicious.

So we had a roll of phyllo dough in the freezer and a shit load of nuts in the house so I decided it would be fun to make Baklava for Christmas. I scoured the internet for the best recipe and I totally found it. Now, if you follow the same recipe as I did, definitely cut it in half! That recipe makes a SHIT load of Baklava. Anyways, the recipe is pretty simple and easy, but just time consuming because of doing all of the layers of phyllo dough. I also jazzed up the recipe by using extra brandy in the syrup and also using fresh grated orange peel during the last 5 minutes of baking. Next time I make this I might use some orange liqueur and amaretto instead of brandy. Anyway, be prepared to be amazed at how yummy this is.

Click here for Baklava Recipe

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  1. OK. Since I was in the Philippines, I got a bit behind on your blogs. But I just want to chime in to anyone who might be reading this...that this was one of the best baklavas I have ever had. Also, thanks for lettign me know that the difference between Mediteranian and Middle Eastern Baklava is the type of nuts used. I never knew until now. Also, Trader Joe's is awesome. And they actually have some of my favorite Baklava I ever tasted. ;)