Thursday, February 2, 2012

The NON Dieter

Just eat a damn sandwich!

Today's blog will be about food. I have great dating stories to tell you, but I'll save it for another post. It involves, FedEx, hair extensions, and tattoos. Intrigued?

So, is anyone else sick to death of hearing about diets? It ridiculous. The newest one I've heard, and literally know people who are doing it, is insane. You eat 500 calories a day and get a weekly shot of human growth hormone. Say what?! Yup. This is the diet. When are people going to learn that everything in moderation works? "Don't be a freak," is a life long lesson. You like to eat?Great. Don't be a freak about it. You like to work out? Great. Don't be a freak about it. You like to drink ? GREAT. Don't be a freak about it. See where I'm going here?

That 500 calorie a day while shooting up diet is bizzarre. It has made me go on an anti-diet in protest. I decided that I'm going to eat like a European for the next two months and moderatly exercise. I'm not gonna do anything crazy. I'm still gonna drink and I'm still gonna eat. I'm just going to eat non-processed foods. Pretty much eat anything you would find at a farmers market or little deli. Today I made an awesome sandwhich: french bread, artichoke hearts, proscuitto, spiniach and mahon cheese. I brought some fresh fruit too. I know I will lose weight on this "diet." I can't wait for someone to ask me what my secret is, in which I will reply, "NOT BEING A FREAK."


  1. HA!!! I agree. Especially with the not being a break part. And that 500 calore a day diet sounds INSANE!!!

  2. Great motto! "Don't Be a Freak About It!"

    500 calories is insane. I hope they all have coronaries.

    That picture really makes me want a sandwich

  3. And yes, I am intrigued by hair extensions, fed ex packages, and tattoos. Are you dating Bret Michaels?

    Do you have a crush on the Fed Ex guy who delivered your hair extensions and you like his tattoos?

  4. Pish, I think you're psychic. I am stalking the tatted cute FedEx boy who delivers my hair extentions. I will now go broke from this crush.